We believe that access to quality graphic design and marketing should not be limited to large corporations with high-powered design agencies. We are committed to finding affordable marketing and design strategies for small businesses to help their business grow.

Design Genie is an unlimited graphic design service that allows your business or organization to have access to a marketing and design professional that will help you with your creative needs for a single monthly fee.


About Us

That’s a really good point.
Why should you use Design Genie?

There are several reasons that you’d choose us rather than another monthly graphic design service:

  • We’re vested in YOUR success. We strive for 100% satisfaction.
  • We’ve got 15 years of design experience and in a lot of different industries. Probably even yours…
  • We’re not just another design service – we offer digital marketing, SEO and a slew of other marketing and design services. Ask us about them!
  • We are priced competitively with other monthly graphic design services and we even offer 20% off your first month!
  • Need a design strategy? No problem. We can help you develop a smart strategy for sharing and utilizing your graphic design.


Overwhelmed Designers

Take the load off your designer(s) and free up their time for more important projects

Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

Get the right look for your new business without having to worry about coming up with a design

If You Have Tons of Design Work

Sometimes you’ve just got a lot of design work that needs to be done – fast. This is perfect for that!

A Corporation with Many Brands

Multiple brands can generate a lot of design work – we can help make sure your branding looks the same on everything!


Do I have to select a monthly design plan?

No. Our unlimited monthly design plans simply make it easier and quicker for design projects to be completed, with the billing process being handled by credit card on a monthly basis. Please note that the a la carte pricing and hourly rates will be much higher to coincide with the value and level of work we provide.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes. No contracts, no commitment.

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with your project’s design, we’ll give you your money back.

What kinds of design is covered in the monthly plans?

Typically, our unlimited monthly design plans are the best fit for businesses and organizations who have several small projects, such as business cards, mailers, advertisements, posters and promotions, over the course of a months time. Larger projects required hours and hours of work such as large magazines with advertisements, books, logos, etc. are projects better suited to an hourly rate or other flat rate fee. Not sure? Ask us!

Can I make changes to the designs?

Absolutely. Our packages are designed so that you get the design support you need until your project is just the way you want it.

How do I pay?

Payment for any of our monthly design plans will be made by credit card through our website using the links above. The link takes you to a Paypal payment page and will redirect you after the payment is complete. <strong>YOU DO NOT NEED TO HAVE A PAYPAL ACCOUNT</strong>. Note: This is a recurring monthly payment and will automatically be deducted from your card each month as specified on the checkout page. For a limited time, the first month of your monthly design plan subscription will be 20% off the regular monthly price, with regular pricing resuming the next month.

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