Benefits of Using a Subscription-Based Design Service

Subscription-based design services are popping up everywhere. Similar to a “retainer”, graphic designers are using subscription-based design services to help encourage ongoing design projects (and income) – and why not? Most of the online services we use that require us to “pay to play” are subscription-based – online data storage, email marketing platforms, YouTube, music – the list goes on and on. While subscription-based design is “atypical”, it certainly makes a lot of sense for both designers AND customers. Let see how.

Benefits of Subscription-Based Design Services

It eliminates the need to search out a designer each time you have a project

How it helps you: Imagine having to go find a graphic designer each time you needed a project done, either because you didn’t like the last one you had, you forgot their website and phone number or worse, your designer fired you. That would suck, right? Using a subscription-based design service, you can avoid the headache of finding a designer, the length of time it takes getting used to working with a new designer, unexpected costs that differ from designer to designer and more. Using a subscription service, you usually deal with the same graphic designer every time and since it’s a subscription, the cost will be the same every month (or whatever the terms are).

How it helps your designer: Your designer is familiar with you and your business already, so there’s no time spent trying to figure out and understand what you want, how you want it and so forth. Because your designer already works with you, you’ll have a great (or at least should have) working relationship with open communication from designer to customer and customer to designer.

It’s the same cost every month

How it helps you: Being able to plan your marketing budget month-to-month, let alone for the entire year is a tall task. When your design service is a subscription based expense and it’s the same cost every month, year, etc., it’s much easier to plan your year knowing what those expenses will be. If you switch designers frequently, you will also find that not every designer prices their services the same way. Having a consistent pricing and billing structure allows you, again, to not be surprised by unexpected expenses.

How it helps your designer: Your designer will benefit from having the same cost every month because it will mean recurring income for him/her. Designers tend to struggle, specifically freelancers, not knowing when the next job will A. come in and B. get paid. By having this recurring income, it ensures that your designer is paid monthly, annually, etc. and aren’t worried about when the next project will hit. At least, not as much.

The quality of your design work will be consistent

How it helps you: By having the same designer month-to-month, you can ensure that the quality of your graphic design projects will be consistent.  As you probably already know, every designer’s style is different – so, if you have several different designers managing your brand and collateral, you’re likely to see some inconsistencies in your brand which will be noticeable to consumers. Consistency in design is extremely important, especially if you have a large corporate with multiple projects going on simultaneously.

How it helps your designer: It’s easier for a graphic designer to be consistent with a brand, its elements, collateral and identity when he or she doesn’t have to be constantly familiarizing themselves with what’s allowed and what’s not. Having one designer, or at least, the same company managing your design, not only ensures that consistency but also guarantees that the quality of the final product will be what the customer expects.

These are just a few, and perhaps the biggest, benefits to use a subscription-based design service. As you can see, both customer and designer can benefit from this simple business model. And, while it does have its drawbacks, it’s still an efficient solution to completing design projects where everyone benefits.

Does a business model like this not have drawbacks? Of course not. There are drawbacks to every type of business model or system, however, the benefits far outweigh the drawbacks. For instance, yes, you pay monthly for the design subscription whether you use it or not – that could be a potential drawback. However, if you plan ahead, you can space out your marketing projects throughout the year in such a way that you’ll never have a month where your design service isn’t being used.

Do you use a subscription-based design service? What kind of projects do they help you with? Let us know!

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